Rooted In Type: Lettering Skills

Steven Bonner is a respected creative who is as well known for his extensive work in the field of design and art direction, as well as for his illustrative and lettering skills. Working independently from his studio just outside Stirling in Scotland, he has gained a reputation for high quality, creative and reliable work across a variety of sectors.

His work has been featured across the web and in various design magazines including The Drum, Computer Arts, and Computer Arts Projects, as well as having worked for major companies such asDiesel, Penguin and Nike. His illustrations have also graced the pages of Wired, GQ and Computer Arts Magazine. 

Blackad are a copy-writing agency specializing in web copy-writing, so it seemed fitting that they wanted the look of their new website to focus on typography and lettering.

Steven was asked by design consultants Studio Mister, who were in the process of re-branding Blackad, and digital agency Mayfield, to come on board the project to create custom lettered headers for use throughout their new site.

Drawing on words provided by Blackad, he set about producing expressive type for each header, which was then integrated into Mister’s framework.

Steven Bonner’s work is rooted in type, and letters have always been his main passion in design; he has recently created his first typeface called: Muirside,which is a contemporary and clean stencil font, it is based on type originally drawn for a poster design inspired by bicycle frame shapes.

Muirside has now been expanded into a full set using classic American geometric proportions with a range of alternates and is a great way to add cool personality to display work, it is supported in 26 languages thus far, and can be purchased @ HypeForType .

View more of Steven Bonner’s work here & purchase his printed works here.

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